RPL Personal Dosimeter


A dosimeter is designed to monitor exposure and serve as a tool to alert an individual if radiation dose readings exceed unhealthy levels of radiation exposure.

The exposure to radiation would imprint on the film and the badges would be collected and sent for processing to determine the amount of exposure received.

The dosimeter allows individuals to track their personal exposure and it also allows management to monitor the exposure of staff on a daily and cumulative basis.

Dosimeters benefit anyone working with or around radiation.

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  • Excellent stability of the sensitivity
  • 2 dimensional ID code: glass element & wearer
  • 5 filter units in compact body for gamma/x-ray & beta radiation
  • Dosimeter monthly report accessible through SUTSB website

Monthly Report


  • Advanced technology for personal dosimeter (round shape 360° / 5 types filter)
  • High speed dose reading (Reader maximum load 2,000 pcs with in 7hr. 12sec/per badge)
  • Robust in daily working environment (Within normal range of Humidity, water, dust, heating )
  • Long-lasting (Less then 1% fading per year at 60°C)


Summarise procedure for RPL personal dosimetry services

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